Album: Smoke Doom EP (2011)

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Song: Dreams and Elegies

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Nothing pretty here, folks.

Hailing from the heights of the Pocono mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, Opticon has developed a musical sound very reflective of the band and their surroundings. Think robotic dinosaurs. Now think of the music they would make. Awesome.

Incorporating sounds of hardcore, ambience, sludge, doom, and drone.

These songs were all recorded using Garageband, an iMac built-in microphone (drums, vocals), and the guitar and bass directly plugged into the computer with Garageband distortion.

Dave Fylstra - Drums/Guitar
Johnny Blackmore - Guitar
Richard Blackmore - Drums/Guitar
Krzysztof Klein - Noise/Lights
Joe Vena - Bass
Robby Vena - Throat

Engineered, Produced and Mixed by Dave Fylstra, summer 2008.